At Kennedy energy, we understand the importance of safe work practices. Therefore, no matter the industry, we will do everything in our power to ensure that product is transported and delivered in as safe a manner as possible.

Kennedy Energy/Janico takes safety seriously, having invested in our people and our operations so that we are “safety first” on a daily basis. As part of our wholesale relationship with Suncor/Petro-Canada, we adhere to a rigorous and stringent safety program and undergo ongoing safety reviews.

Our commitment to safety will positively impact your business by ensuring you no longer need to worry about unsafe work practices leading to potentially disastrous outcomes, such as large oil spills. This assurance of safety allows your operational efficiency to be maximized while reducing unnecessary downtime.

We pledge to do our best to provide a safe work environment and to ensure our employees have appropriate safety training. All drivers attend monthly driver safety meetings, as well as an annual driver safety road course. Adopting these practices allows us to ensure all our drivers are prepared to handle any situation that arises in a safe and professional manner.