On-site Services

We provide specialized services on-site at your business so you can more effectively manage your fuel requirements.

On-site Refueling

With the competition that exists in today’s market, it is imperative that you use all available resources to increase operational efficiency to maximize your profitability. With Kennedy Energy’s on-site refueling service, we come directly to you, offering various benefits that increase productivity while reducing downtime. Our on-site refueling capabilities allow us to deliver fuel directly into your equipment and vehicles during your downtime so no work hours are lost.

Key Benefits:

  • We will refuel according to your schedule, reducing downtime for your fleet and ensuring maximum convenience and operational efficiency.
  • Reduces labour costs, as on-site refueling eliminates the need for an on-site tank and tank maintenance.
  • Eliminate the environmental regulations associated with owning and operating your own tank.
  • Reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your fleet as a result of driving to a cardlock site, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Identifies fuel consumption discrepancies through the use of our online fuel management report tool.

Dedicated On-Site Fueling

Our fleet is designed to be flexible to meet customers’ needs, wherever they may be. If you have a large work site or operation, consider hiring our dedicated fueling services wherein we bring our trucks to your site to deliver your fuel as you need it or provide equipment for your own use.

We specialize in offering, for example, direct-to-locomotive (DTL) services for the rail industry where our trucks are fully dedicated on-site to fill trains 24/7.

Dedicated on-site fueling lets you be in the driver’s seat. You determine how best to manage your fuel needs and schedule, and we provide the fleet to ensure timely delivery on your site. We bring the safety, fuel and delivery expertise to your site so you don’t have to invest in resources or worry about being short or out of fuel.

Tank and Ancillary Services

Whether working at remote or distant job sites or simply undertaking a major project, we have customized fuel storage solutions just for you.

Having the right type of equipment is critical to an efficient operation, ensuring that you have the right capacity to suit your needs and at your convenience, enabling you to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

With our expert team, we are able to offer comprehensive all-in-one solutions, from helping you select the right size tanks to choosing the other components to store and dispense fuel with ease.

We coordinate timely end to end services, from installation and removal, to ensuring environmental standards are met, and have established relationships with preferred licensed petroleum contractors.

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