Coolants & Industrial Fluids


Our vast selection of coolants and industrial fluids (windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, oil, etc.), ensures you can maintain your vehicle’s ability to perform even when faced with extreme weather conditions.

By choosing the automotive fluid that aligns with your vehicle’s specific needs, you can maximize durability while simultaneously reducing maintenance and other upkeep costs.

Manitoba faces a frigid winter every year; therefore it is imperative that you treat your vehicle with proper care to sustain longevity and maintain high performance levels. With several products to choose from, Kennedy Energy ensures your every need can be fulfilled.


  • We have been using Kennedy Energy/Janico for many years and never had one problem.Everyone is very friendly and efficient. Every time I call the office for anything they are extremely helpful. The drivers know and follow all the safety rules in our yard and always hands in the delivery receipts.

    -Parsec Intermodal

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