• Do I need to buy a minimum amount of products or type(s) of products per month to have an account? +

    No, as long as your account is in good standing and within the approved credit limit. Volumes are based on your usage. We do have, however, minimum delivery volumes.
  • What are the credit terms on my account? +

    Terms on your account are based on approved credit. Most accounts are eligible for Net 30 day terms.
  • How long does it take to get card lock cards in once I apply for credit? +

    Upon credit approval, cards usually arrive within 5-7 business days for pick up. Cards will not be mailed for security purposes.
  • Do I need to apply for credit separately to Kennedy Energy and to Janico? +

    Your completed credit application will be eligible for credit review by Kennedy Energy or Janico, and your account will be assigned depending on the location of your operations according to our service regions.
  • Do I need to be a business to get an account with Kennedy Energy/Janico? +

    No, anyone can apply for credit with Kennedy Energy/ Janico. Accounts are based on approved Credit.
  • How are Kennedy Energy and Janico Investments Ltd. affiliated? +

    Kennedy Energy is a Wholesale Marketer for Petro-Canada products in Manitoba. In 2013, the Kennedy group of companies acquired Janico Investments Ltd., expanding our service area from the North to Winnipeg and surrounding areas. In the South, our services are currently provided under the Janico brand and in the north, are offered directly through Kennedy Energy.
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Cardlock Cards

  • Where can I use my cards? +

    Cards can be used at one of our Kennedy Energy/ Janico locations as well as at all other Petro-Pass locations within Manitoba for a small convenience charge.

  • Do all cards have a security feature? +

    Yes. All cards require PIN access to activate the pumps.

  • Can I restrict my cards to have limitations? +

    Yes, you can restrict the card usage to have daily dollar or litre amounts and fuel type limitations.

    You can identify any card restrictions on the Wholesale Marketer Card Form and select the parameters of your card(s).

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  • What if I have I have an Emergency? +

    Call our Emergency Line at 204-949-7280 or 1-800-458-3618.
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Bulk Fuel

  • How much notice is required for deliveries? +

    We request 24 hour delivery notice to schedule our loads accordingly. If the delivery is on our scheduled route, we will attempt as much as possible to accommodate late orders, but cannot assure same day delivery.

  • Do you have minimum order requirements? +

    Yes, we have a minimum of 1,000 litres for delivery to approved accounts with certified tanks. There will be a delivery charge for any Emergency or below minimum deliveries.

  • Can I purchase Dyed Fuel? +

    You must be approved by the provincial government and working in one of the following industries (Farming, Fishing or Logging) to purchase dyed fuel product. A Dyed Declaration form must be filled out before delivering any dyed product.

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  • We have been using Kennedy Energy/Janico for many years and never had one problem.Everyone is very friendly and efficient. Every time I call the office for anything they are extremely helpful. The drivers know and follow all the safety rules in our yard and always hands in the delivery receipts.

    -Parsec Intermodal

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